Our Story

Owned and operated by Jocelyne Farah, Baba's Iris was created as an extension of helping her father whom has Multiple Myeloma cancer. Her father has been legally blind since he was the age of 2 and ever since she can remember; she’s been his right hand. He calls her “his eyes”. This is where the name Baba’s Iris comes from. Baba meaning Dad in Arabic & Iris meaning Eye. Baba’s Iris = Dad’s Eyes.

Growing up, Jocelyne was honored to experience the use of herbs and be taught their different uses.  Stemming from family traditions and cultural lineage, herbs played a role in even simple ailments like a stye in your eye.

Years later she would get to witness the power of herbs and roots in a large way when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. After countless nights in the hospital, death tried knocking on Baba’s door and it was tragic that she almost lost her father. She took her medical knowledge as a phlebotomist and combined it with her knowledge of the  power of herbs and started working intensely to help her dad and his health. Working with different herbs and roots and curating blends that would support his health.

It wasn’t til later that she also began to help family and friends and friends of family. Word of mouth spread and the demand for her tea blends and their continued success in helping people with a variety of wellness journeys led Jocelyne to birth Baba's Iris as a business with the goal of helping more people naturally.






*DISCLAIMER* The information provided on Baba's Iris is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any dis-ease. We are not a doctor or other healthcare professional nor do we claim to be. We are not working in any medical field. We are simply passing on our personal experiences and methods that have worked for us. If you think you may have a medical problem please see a holistic doctor or other medical professionals. We do not take responsibility for injury or illness if you chose to not be treated by a professional. but we do not guarantee the outcome if you chose to use these methods.