Our Story


Welcome to Baba's Iris, my Sanctuary of Love and Healing. I'm Jocelyne Farah, and this is a tribute to the unbreakable bond I share with my Father, my Guiding Light - Baba', meaning 'Dad' in Arabic, and 'Iris', symbolizing Vision and Insight. This name reflects my role as the eyes for my father, who has been without sight since he was 2 years old.

Baba's Iris emerged from my deep desire to aid my father during his relapse with multiple myeloma. This path, blending my deep-seated knowledge of herbal healing with my phlebotomy expertise, was my expression of a Daughter's Love and a Healer's dedication. It was this personal pursuit of offering comfort and strength to my father that laid the foundation for Baba's Iris, turning my individual care into a broader mission to bring healing and care to a wider community. 

My journey with Baba's Iris took on a new depth as I devoted countless nights to researching chemicals and compounds, seeking the perfect herbal blends to cleanse my father from his illness. Surrounded by notebooks, often waking up with pen marks on my face, I embraced my role as a self-taught herbalist. This exploration, initially aimed at aiding my father, naturally extended to helping friends and family. As word spread, my passion evolved from a community endeavor to a full-fledged business when I began receiving calls from others in different states. This progression reflects my path towards working to becoming a naturopathic practitioner, symbolizing my commitment to this journey of healing and wellness.